Fluffy Hair Spray
Fluffy Hair Spray
Fluffy Hair Spray

Fluffy Hair Spray

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Are you also facing the anxiety of having oily hair when you go out?


But as long as you have it, within half a minute, you can get fluffy hair with a spray and a rub


The fluffy spray absorbs oil and camouflages shine, helping to regulate the production of a natural sebum-like oil.A fluffing spray can help keep your hair clean in time.

For many people with thin and flat hair, the hair volume spray can make the hair texture more clear, and it will immediately become fluffy and plump after light rubbing.

How to use:
Step 1:Shake the bottle and spray it on the hair root 30cm away from the hair.
Step 2:Massage with your fingertips to loosen your hair so that the powder does not fully contact the hair.
Step 3:It can be finished by combing the shape with a comb or by hand.