Pimple Patches

Pimple Patches

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Blemishes always show up at the worst times – before a date, an interview, or any time you want to show your best face. A new way to battle those pesky pimples without harsh active ingredients or drying formulas.

What are Acne Patches?

Our pimple patches that are made with the highest quality hydrocolloid, which is a fluid absorbing gel that draws out pus and other impurities from your pimple. This reduces blemish size, speeds up the healing process all while protecting your skin. Our product is made with the highest quality standards which results in better adhesion and a more consistent product. 

What pimples does it work best on?

It work best on pimples with fluid or pus in it. Usually that means whiteheads that have come to a head. Sometimes it can help coax fluids to the surface helping to bring pimples to a head. 

What else do I need to know?

If you have known allergies to pectin or rubber, we advise not to use this product.